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How to create your own bank with a tool used for many decades


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– Become Your Own Bank
       – Becoming Your Own Banker
 – Infinite Banking Concept


   Fact 1: Top U.S. Corps and America’s Biggest Banks have already pumped $200 BILLION into this concept!

Fact 2: America’s Wealthy have been stashing MILLIONS of their own money into this concept for decades!

Common questions people ask:

                                                                                                             – How does it work?
                                                                                                             – Are there any minimums or maximums?
                                                                                                             – What are the average returns?
                                                                                                             – When can I borrow and how much?
                                                                                                             – Can it be completely Tax Free?
                                                                                                             – How can it be used to eliminate debt?
                                                                                                             – Can I get 4%-5% returns with minimum stock market risk?
                                                                                                             – Is this better than what I’m doing now?

Top Rated Companies:

Mass Mutual: Dividend: 6.70%
(Established in 1851, Ranks No. 77 in Fortune 500)

Guardian Life: Dividend: 5.85%
   (Established in 1860, Ranks No. 226 in Fortune 500)




Wisdom Currency Wealth is all about taking full control of your finances. In order for that to happen, we understand that you have to become whole with everything concerning how you save, spend and utilize your resources for both yourself, family and your business.


If you’re a W-2 wage earner, meaning you have a job, are you maximizing your paycheck and putting it to work even after you’ve received it? Not just to pay bills, but to also ensure that your well-being is place by way of your insurance policies.


We will show you how to ultimately use your paycheck and other expendable income  to start maximizing your savings like never before! After all, don’t work just to keep working for pay, set yourself up so that your money can work in multiple ways for you!






– 92% of policyholders are not informed on how to take advantage of the powerful Infinite Banking features in policies they already own.
* Become one of the 8% who are actively using the power of Infinite Banking for all kinds of personal and business uses.

– Have term insurance? – Paying rent?
* Only 1% to 3% of term insurance policies actually pay out, depending on the year.

– When you access cash in your policy, you still get the full dividends paid on the whole amount!
* Yes, this is 100% true. But how soon can I use it, how does it actually work and what is the best way to set it up?

– Infinite Banking acts differently than a 401K or IRA.
* Is it the best structure for me? Can I do a rollover from my present account into this model?

– Infinite Banking acts more like a safe fixed asset or a supercharged CD delivering 4% to 6% historically.

– High yield Dividends fluctuate little from year to year.
* Peace of mind, steady and predictable – almost boring, but in a very good way. Unlike the roller coaster ride of the stock market.

– Cash Value policies can be designed to be extremely flexible.
* We can design a policy so that you can change your contributions up or down to comfortably fit into your income lifestyle.

– You can dump in as little or as much Cash into your policy as you want without triggering a Tax liability.
* It’s all a matter of correct design and layout. If it’s structured properly from the beginning, you will not run into future problems.



Want to bypass the Banking System with all of it’s fees and hassles??
– Want to learn how top US Corporations and the wealthy use Cash Value Life to build fortunes?
– Want to build your own vault of 100% accessible anytime tax-free money?

– Want to finally get off the grid and unleash your own financial freedom?


You have come to the right place to learn all about Infinite Banking:
– Did you know that only 8% of policy owners understand how to unleash the power of Infinite Banking?

-We have made it our mission to
educate the other 92%!

-We have have helped thousands to learn how to expertly design their own Cash Rich policies, without ever charging a penny for the education.

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